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Product Care/Warranty

Car Covers

All car covers have a manufacturers guarantee of either one or two years.


Important information:

Along with other retailers we advise taking care when using covers in stormy conditions. It is the customers responsibility to either remove the cover or add more security to it as the manufacturers will not accept claims for damage caused by wind.

Remember: A car cover is fabric..If you have difficulty standing in 50mph winds give a thought for your car cover. Maybe a car net should be added to protect it.

The manufacturers offer an enhanced warranty on Stormforce & Monsoon covers for wind and accidental damage and this must be purchased within 14 days of the purchase of the car cover. One year warranty £19.95 Three year warranty £34.95.

To purchase an enhanced warranty call us 01785 541463

Do NOT overtighten the straps as it is acceptable to have a little movement in the cover.

Some classic cars have motifs and gutters with sharp edges. Please remember the car cover is fabric and these sharp items may cause damage. The motif etc should be covered by a sock or other item to protect the fabric

Covers should not be put on cars that have recently been repainted because depending on the process used it will take different times to harden.  (Please check with your body shop before doing so)

Overbody strap sets (Pack of 3) are available as extra security for your cover @  £16.95 per set..see cover accessories

Some tailored car covers may also fit other models of cars of a similar shape and size


Up to 1980s generally mirrors were fitted by dealers or new owners rather than by the factory.

To reflect this our covers have sufficent fabric to allow for mirrors and covers for cars maunfactured after this time have mirror pockets as standar


Stormforce, Premium, Riveria, Shaldon & Holcombe Covers


Your new cover will reach you in perfect condition
However, with the passing of time it may become dirty
Care should be taken when washing and the following guidelines should be observed:
Stormforce Car Covers


  • Hand wash in cold or hand warm water using a mild washing liquid. Take care to rinse thoroughly several times
  • Do not use detergents that include bleach or fabric softeners. Line dry until completely dry. Do not iron!
  • They may be washed in domestic washing machines, subject to size. Select a gentle cycle with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees centigrade and use a mild washing liquid
  • Ensure several rinses and a gentle spin speed. Line dry until completely dry

Every wash will remove some of the waterproofing agent so we only advise one wash per year


Shaldon Car Covers

These car covers can be washed with a mild detergent in a washing machine at 40 degrees and then either line dried or tumble dried at a low temperature.

Riveria Car Covers

These car covers can be washed with a mild detergent in a washing machine at 30 degrees and then line dried.  Do not tumble dry these car covers.

We recommend that they are washed as a single item to prevent any possible colour leakage.  

If your car cover has a printed logo on the front, it is still washable at 30 degrees.

We would, however, recommend that when placing the cover inside the drum you keep the logo in the middle of the bundle rather than allowing it to be abraided by the walls of the drum, just as a precaution.

Holcombe Indoor Car Covers

These car covers can be washed with a mild detergent in a washing machine at 30 degrees and then line dried.  Do not tumble dry these car covers. 

Premium Car Covers

This car cover cannot be machine washed.  Should you feel the need, we recommend that they are sponged down on the car with a mild car shampoo solution and line dried.

Warranty Claims

If you wish to make a claim under warranty we need to know the following before we can proceed.

Your name and adrdress

Proof of purchase

Full details of the product and full description of the fault with the item

Photographs to show the problem if appropiate

You may be required to return the item for examination or repair

Warranty claims by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We always appreciate a photograph of your car with a cover on it and will use it on our website to show potential customers the sort of fit our covers give.


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